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RealtyCrunch is a real estate collaboration platform that helps you understand what your clients need, prioritize what they like, and collaborate with them to close deals faster.

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3 steps to closing deals faster


Bookmark and collaborate

Collect properties that interest your clients from all over the internet and get everyone involved on the same page. It’s Pinterest and messaging for Real Estate!

Bookmark and collaborate
Educate your clients on the buying process

Educate your clients on the buying process

Online portal for your clients to learn the nuances of buying a property, 100% branded for you.


Guide your clients with a step-by-step walkthrough on their next purchase

In real time, monitor your clients' progress in the buying process. It's a detailed check list already put together for you.

Don't like our checklist? Customize it to make it your own!

Step-by-step walkthrough on your next purchase!

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My clients can use the site where they like to search, and I use mine. Then we take it to the wall.

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Keep family members and partners on the same page throughout the whole process!

You no longer need to worry about who read your notes, who knows what. Everyone can see status updates, and comments ON THE GO!

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