What are easements?

By RealtyCrunch IncApril, 20th 2020
What are easements?

Easements are the right negotiated with your neighbors or county or other parties in regards to your property. It is typically best to get Appurtenant kind of easement, because you might need that easement in the future to sell your property.

Different types of Easements:

1.Right of Way – this is where a neighbor may need to pass through the property via a driveway to access the main road.

2.Utility Maintenance – granted to utility companies to run power and cable lines on a property

3. HOAs/condos: these institutions own much of the property (or at least public areas) where residents have rights to pass through

In Gross Easement vs. Appurtenant...

In Gross is where the easement applies only to the particular person you’re dealing with at that moment. When that person sells the property, the future owner is not included in the easement particulars.

Appurtenant is an easement that is attached to the land and therefore is part of any sale /transferred to the new owner.

How is an easement dissolved?

Easements can be terminated if a court finds it is being accessed beyond reasonable use, as and when it substantially interferes with the land owner.