What are assets?

By RealtyCrunch IncJune, 14th 2020
What are assets?

During the loan process, lenders evaluate your overall financial suitability for a loan. Part of this involves evaluating your assets, which is anything of value that you own. The major items to list include:

  • Cash: the sum of all the money in your various bank accounts
  • Marketable Securities: generally stocks and bond accounts, anything that can be liquidated quickly on the open public market, excluding your 401K, IRA or other retirement accounts
  • Non Marketable Securities: includes private securities and government issued bonds
  • Primary Home: current value of your primary residence
  • Other Real Estate: second homes, vacation homes, investment properties or other real estate you own
  • Car/Vehicle: While the value of a car does depreciate over time, it does have value and can be listed as an asset
  • Retirement Accounts: 401K, IRA or other retirement accounts
  • Partnerships & Proprietorship Interests: share value of any business you own or partially own

If you're planning to get a loan, take the time now to add your assets to our financial planning sheet.

Financial Worksheet
Sheet1 Click file and make a copy to use this template Total,Monthly,Annually Debt to Income Ratio,Total Cash,Emergency Fund,Down Payment,FHA Loan,Traditional Loan,FHA Loan,Traditional Loan,FHA Loan,Traditional Loan Self,$0,$0 Co-Purchaser,$0,$0 Total,$0,$0 PMI Home Insurance Property Taxes Tota...